Hybrid In-Person Learning Update
Beginning on Tuesday, January 19th, 2021, we will return to hybrid in-person learning at Sierra Vista Primary and White Mountain Elementary Schools, as well as for our special education students at Ruidoso Middle and High Schools. Tuesday will be a Blue day, while Thursday and Friday will resume Gold hybrid learning days. At the present time, we do not yet have a definitive start date for the return of middle and high school students to the hybrid model.  However, plans are in the works at the Public Education Department.
Moving forward, we continue encouraging everyone to wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and avoid mass gatherings.  These public health recommendations continue to be encouraged, even if you have already received a vaccination.
A partir del martes 19 de enero del año 2021, regresaremos al aprendizaje híbrido en persona en las escuelas primarias de Sierra Vista y White Mountain, así como para nuestros estudiantes de educación especial en las escuelas secundaria y preparatoria de Ruidoso. El martes será un día del grupo azul, mientras que el jueves y el viernes se reanudarán los días de aprendizaje híbridos para el grupo dorado. En la actualidad, aún no tenemos una fecha de inicio definitiva para el regreso de los estudiantes de secundaria y preparatoria al modelo híbrido. Sin embargo, se están trabajando planes en el Departamento de Educación Pública. En el futuro, seguimos alentando a todos a usar máscara facial, lavarse las manos con frecuencia y evitar las reuniones masivas. Se siguen fomentando estas recomendaciones de salud pública, incluso si ya ha recibido una vacuna.

Business Office

Business Services Department

The Business Services Team at Ruidoso Schools shall continually strive to achieve our agency’s mission and goals, and align our concentration on three major control categories – effectiveness and efficiency of operations, reliability of financial reporting and compliance with laws and regulations. The team will emphasize strong fiscal control standards be implemented in an effort to minimize fraud, waste, and misuse and support the focus of Ruidoso Municipal School’s Educational Plan for Student Success. The Business Services Team will assure the stakeholders that our team will continually assess and evaluate our internal control structure to assure that it is well designed, operated, and, appropriately updated to meet changing conditions and provide reasonable assurance that the District’s Mission is being met. Further, our department’s intent is to always provide relevant and reliable information and communicate it in a way that that is meaningful – so that management may carry out their duties in an effective and efficient manner.


Financial Activities include oversight and management of Budgeting, Purchasing, Human Resources, Payroll and Capital Programs. Our commitment to competence is achieved by recognizing the importance of knowledge, skills, and abilities of our team as we strive to continually demonstrate the competencies necessary to protect and safeguard all District assets.

With greater numbers of informed citizens paying attention, Districts will be able to better gauge and respond to the needs of the public and to demonstrate that they have been accountable. “What You Should Know About Your Districts Finances”. Mead- (Excerpt from the “New Mexico Manual of Procedures for Public School Accounting and Budgeting”)





Business Services Contact Information

Director of Business and Finance 
Clint Taylor, Ext.7012
Financial Specialist
Veronica Prieto, Ext. 7011
Accounts Payable
Ann Spence, Ext.7001

Administrative Receptionist
Tonia Ashby, Ext. 7005
[email protected]

Human Resources
Tonia Ashby, Ext.7002
[email protected]

Emilee Ross, Ext. 7020
[email protected]

Data Processing
Kathy Weinman, Ext. 7007
[email protected]

Maintenance Director
Lenny Allen,  937-0027
[email protected]

Information Technology Director
Mark Hamilton, Ext.7891
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