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About the School Nutrition Program

Information about the School Nutrition Program and how it works.

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Lunch Menus

Click on links below to view menus

  • Nob Hill Early Childhood Center
  • Sierra Vista Primary
  • White Mountain Elementary School
  • Ruidoso Middle School - Breakfast
  • Ruidoso Middle School
  • Ruidoso High School - Breakfast
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    Payment Options

    Pay for School Lunches Online

    Pay for School Lunches Online

    Ruidoso School District now offers MyPaymentsPlus ( www.mypaymentsplus.com ) a new service that provides parents with the opportunity to pay for student meals via the internet or telephone. Parents no longer have to worry about forgetting to give their children money for the cafeteria or worry about their losing it!

    The MyPaymentsPlus payment system allows families to:
    • Access the system 24/7
    • View account balances and payment history
    • Split payments for multiple students in one or more schools
    • Receive confirmations of payments and low balance reminders via e-mail
    • Deposit funds using a Visa/Master Card or Debit Card
    • Receive Live Chat or toll-free support from friendly and courteous staff
    • Stop worrying about lost or forgotten lunch money

    With MyPaymentsPlus, money can be deposited into individual student accounts by phone or the Internet through an e-check or by using debit or credit cards. A small convenience fee of 4.75% per transaction is charged for using this service. The convenience fee is paid directly to MyPaymentsPlus and is used to cover credit card and other payment processing fees and is not collected by the school district.

    Fast, secure, convenient...Get started today!

    To take advantage of the service Online:
    1. Your child's student ID number.
      If you do not know the Student ID, Call 877-237-0946.
    2. Visit the MyPaymentsPlus website ( www.mypaymentsplus.com ).
    3. Click the "Register a Free account" button.
    4. Follow the onscreen directions to set up your account.
    5. Deposit funds to your child"s account using the secure Web site.
    If you prefer to use MyPaymentsPlus via Telephone:
    1. Call (866) 215-8467 to enroll and make your payment over the phone.

    We encourage you to visit www.mypaymentsplus.com or call (866) 215-8467 to take advantage of this service. Of course, parents may continue to pay for their child's meals directly at school in the cafeteria by check or cash. If you have payment processing questions or concerns, you may call (877) 237-0946.

    We also accept cash or check. Please make checks payable to the school in which your child attends.

    Meal Account Refund/Transfer Request

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    Free and Reduced Meals

    Free and Reduced Meals Application Packet (RHS and RMS only)


    You may also complete your free and reduced application online. Click on the link below and follow all instructions.


    Free and Reduced Price School Meals Online Application


    Free & Reduced Application Process

    Ruidoso School District uses family applications. Parents need to turn in 1 application per household. Applications are available in English and Spanish at all schools. Your family application should be given to your youngest child to return to his/her school; or you may mail the form to Food and Nutrition Services at 200 Horton Circle, Ruidoso, NM 88345.

    Direct Certification

    What is Direct Certification?
    Under direct certification, school districts use information from State welfare or food stamp offices to certify children to receive free meals. To qualify, the children's families must receive food stamps, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or assistance from the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations.

    How do you know if your Student is Direct Certified?
    Direct Certification Letters are sent to the homes of pre-approved students.

    If one student is Direct Certified, in a household, are the remaining students also Direct Certified?
    No, not all students are directly certified. If you receive a direct certification letter for one student in the household, please fill out a free and reduced application for the remaining student(s). Remember to include the direct certified student in section #5 of the form entitled All Other household Members.

    Application Completion Tips

    What measures can I take to expedite my applications approval?
    • Use BLACK or BLUE ink ONLY
    • Print Clearly within the Red Squares
    • Use your students name as it appears on their Birth Certificate
    • List all Other Household Members and their income
    • Fill in Social Security Number or Check box Stating “I do Not Have SSN”
    • Foster Child must be on separate form

    Why is it necessary to use BLACK or BLUE INK?
    The scanning process recognizes black and blue ink the best. When an applicant uses pencil the darkness diminishes when scanned. In the scanning process all markings in red on the document disappear. Therefore, an application submitted in red ink will be sent back to the applicant.

    Why do we need to keep in the red squares?
    The software is set up to recognize characters inside each red square. Hence, a lower case “g”, written with the tail extending below the red square will appear to be an “o.”

    Why is it necessary to use the same name as it appears on the Birth Certificate?
    Since the School District of Lincoln County uses the birth date and name information from the Birth Certificate, the only way the application can be validated is by using the same information. Clearly, nicknames and family abbreviations will slow down the application process.

    Why do you list All Other Household Members?
    The consideration for approval of an application is based income and the number of household members. Therefore, it is advantageous to list all member of the household.

    Why do I need to fill out Social Security Number and sign the application?
    These two sections are required fields it is very important that these sections be completed. If this information is not filled in the application will be returned to the applicant.

    If I have more than one student going to school in the School District of Lincoln County do I need to fill out more than one application?
    No, as a matter of fact, even though the application process has been automated each application still has to be validated. When more than one form arrives with the same information on it the approval process is slowed down.

    If I have a student living at home that goes to a private school, charter school, or Pre K school, in Lincoln County, do I include them on the application?
    Yes, include them in the section #5 All Other Household Members. By including them in section #1 Student Information the approval process is slowed down.

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    Special Event Catering

    Do you have an event coming up and don't know what do? Let our catering staff help. Call (575) 630-7993 for more information.

    Catering Planning Form

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    Stars of the Month

    Employee of the Month: To Be Announced

    Dining Hall of the Month: To Be Announced

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    Employment Opportunities

    summit food service management

    Please call (575) 630-7993 for current employment information.

    How to apply:

    Online: www.Passion4Foodservice.com ( Hiring Code 101)

    or call 1-855-436-6373 (Hiring Code 101)

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    Contact Us

    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

    Hours of Operation: 7:30am - 4:00pm (MST), Monday - Friday
    Phone: (575) 630-7993
    Email: foodservice@ruidososchools.org

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    Nutrition Information
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