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RMS Weekly Newsletter

Ruidoso Middle School (RMS) Weekly Newsletter

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Monthly RMS Newsletter: RMS Attendance Policy
Posted 10/1/2018 at 10:20:04 PM by Maureen Pascual [staff member]
Click here to view PDF file: Monthly RMS Newsletter October 1, 2018 
When Absent from School If the parent(s)/guardian(s) have a telephone and provide the contact number to the school, the school may make a reasonable effort to give notification of absence within three (3) hours of the beginning of the school day if the school has not received confirmation of the student's absence. When a student is absent, the parent shall call the school on or before the day of the absence in order to advise the school as to the reason for the absence. When it is impossible to call on the day of the absence, the school should be notified on the morning the student returns by signed parental note, in time for the student to obtain an admission approval prior to class time. All absences not verified by parental or administrative authorization will be considered unexcused after two (2) days of the student returning to school. Within PowerSchool and in accordance with state law, absences are defined as excused, and labeled “E,” school-sponsored, and labeled “S,” and finally, unexcused, labeled “A.” 
The following shall be considered excused “E” absences: --A student who is temporarily ill or injured or whose absence is approved by the administrator of the school of attendance on a prearranged basis. Prearranged absences shall be approved for appointments or circumstances of a serious nature only which cannot be taken care of outside of school hours. Prearranged absences may include: medical and dental appointments, court appearances, family trips, and college visits. -- A student who is absent for an extended period due to a documented physical, mental, or emotional disability. --The District may require suitable proof regarding the above exceptions, including written statements from medical sources. SCHOOL CULTURE The teachers at RMS have working diligently to implement plans that will boost the work ethic, morale, and spirit of faculty, staff and students alike. The student Culture Team has proposed a monthly attendance incentive (jean day award) that will be based on grade level class competitions. The following percentages are for attendance from the beginning of the year (August 14) through this morning (September 28) at 7:46 a.m.:
6th Grade-95.3%-Jean Day Winners!!!
7th Grade-94.5%
8th Grade-94.7%
Friday, October 5th, 6th grade will have their jean day (per Coach Speck.)
The PBIS Team has implemented Rockin’ Behavior referrals. Students that receive these referrals have the opportunity to attend an Ice Cream Social at the end of the semester. Currently, there are 29-6th graders, 32-7th graders, and 25- 8th graders that have shown exemplary behavior and been awarded a Rockin’ Referral. Way to go RMS kiddos!!! The staff Culture Team also has some shout outs to for our amazing Faculty and staff. Danielle Baldwin has earned her level III, Way to go Danielle!!! Also, Congratulations to Angela Castillo for Teacher of the Month!!! 

RMS Dress Code SY 2018-2019

RMS Dress Code SY 2018-2019


Ruidoso Middle School students’ personal attire should reflect pride and respect as well as promote safety. Appropriate dress for school should be respectful and in good taste with modesty being the prevailing model The Administration has sole authority to determine appropriateness of dress, accessories, (jewelry, scarves, headbands) or hairstyle, etc.  Ruidoso Middle School works with our local merchants to provide available and affordable uniform choices.  Please keep in mind common sense as well as safety when making your uniform purchases.  

1.    Shirts

    1. Must be polo shirts with collars  

                                                   i.         Long or short sleeves only (no sleeveless).  

                                                  ii.         First button starting at collar (Only top button may be unbuttoned, if deep cut shirt administration may require that all buttons be buttoned)

                                                iii.         Can only be solid navy blue or white.

                                                iv.         No sleeveless shirts for boys or girls.

    1. All shirts must be tucked in as a safety factor for continual visibility of the waistline.
    2. Never wear a shirt that is too short to tuck in.
    3. Any logos must be quarter size or smaller.  

                                                   i.         Corporate logos will be allowed and may be no larger than a quarter, i.e. Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas.

                                                  ii.         School Logo – RMS or RHS will be allowed and may be larger than a quarter.

    1. Undershirts

                                                   i.         Only solid white or navy crew neck t-shirts, turtlenecks, or thermals without writing or logos are allowed under collared shirts.

                                                  ii.         Undershirt sleeves may be longer than outer shirt sleeves, but must be navy or white.

2.    Pants or Capris

    1. Must be tan, Khaki or navy blue (No cargo shorts or long cargo pants)
    2. May be corduroys
    3. Have no cargo pockets of any kind on the legs
    4. Must fit properly on the waist
    5. Should not be longer than heel of shoe
    6. Pant legs must be fully extended, both pant lengths must be the same.
    7. Should be appropriate and modest fitting, no sweat or yoga pants.
    8. Not writing on the pants is allowed.

3.    Shorts, skirts, or jumpers

    1. Must be tan or navy blue (No cargo pants or shorts)
    2. Needs to reach at least the wearer’s fingertips when standing up straight and when shoulders are relaxed.
    3. Needs to wear polo shirt under jumpers
    4. Any leggings or tights worn under the skirt, jumper or shorts must be solid navy or white.  The color must be solid navy or white for boys and girls.
    5. Skirts, shorts and jumpers must be longer than fingertip length.

4.    Sweatshirts

    1. Wear crew neck navy blue Sweatshirts
    2. Do not wear hooded, or V – necks and no zipper tops are allowed.
    3. No Cardigan sweaters are allowed.
    4. Do not have any pockets  
    5. May be Warrior Wear, navy blue (no hooded, no V-necks, no pockets)
    6. Must wear uniform polo shirts with collar under the sweatshirt, and it must be tucked in.
    7. Do not wear oversized, baggy or too long sweatshirts. The waist line must be visible at all times.

5.    Outerwear

    1. Must be taken off and stored in locker upon entering grade-level hall.  
    2. Students may wear their outerwear during lunch and at recess.
    3. No trench coat style outerwear.

6.    Miscellaneous

    1. Belts are encouraged, must be in loops
    2. Ripped or torn clothing not permitted
    3. Writing or embroidery not permitted on clothing (exception see 1. – d.)
    4. No scarves. (Exception for religious reason).
  1. Shoes must be worn at all times.
    1. For safety purposes we ask that students not wear sandals, flip flops, slides or house shoes.  Lace up or slip on closed toed shoes or boots is the required footwear.

8.    Below is a general list of examples that DO NOT promote respect, pride and safety.  The list is not all-inclusive; remember the administration has final approval of appropriateness of dress and hairstyle and accessories.

    1. Belt loop or chain wallets
    2. Spiked jewelry
    3. Clothing, tattoos, writing on the body or accessories that advertise, display, or promote any drug (including tobacco or alcohol), sexual innuendo, violence, weaponry, profanity, gang affiliation, hatred or bigotry towards any group).
    4. House slippers
    5. Heelys (Roller skate shoes)
    6. Body or facial piercing (earrings in ears only)
    7. Sunglasses and hats to be worn outside only  
    8. No bandannas of any color
    9. No sleeveless shirts, blouses, jerseys, spaghetti straps or tank tops.  


Blue Jeans may be worn on special days when notified by the administration.  Jean days are used as reward days for especially good behavior or just as a fun day prior to a dance of vacation.

Please follow the specific requirements for dress on those BLUE JEAN DAYS.

  1. Please be sure students are wearing appropriate and modest jeans.
    1. No tears, rips or fashionably torn jeans and that the jeans are not TIGHT. 
    2. No camos, dresses, athletic shorts or sweatpants. 
    3. Blue jeans, not red jeans, not green jeans, not pink jeans, and not black jeans…blue jeans.   
    4. Modest and appropriate is determined by the administration.  Parents should use common sense not current fashion sense. No tape over ripped jeans.
    5. Do not tape over the ripped jeans. 
  2. Shirts/tops on blue jean days will be specific to that particular Jean day.
    1. Grade level shirts or Uniform shirts will be the norm. 
    2. Other possibilities could be; favorite college t-shirt, Hawaiian shirt-day, Christmas specific, Halloween specific, RHS/RMS wear and on some occasion an appropriate shirt of their choosing.
    3. Shirt and uniform tops must be tucked in at all times.
    4. All school organizations or teams may wear their organizations or team shirt on their competition day.  The shirt must be appropriate and follow dress code guidelines.   
    5. Shirt and uniform tops must be tucked in at all times.

There are no free dress days at RMS.  Since jean days are used as a reward day it may be earned and lost.

Students are allowed to wear shirts/jerseys on activity or competition days.  Modest and appropriate dress is determined by the administration.  There are no days that sweats, shorts, or dresses are allowed.  At no time will costumes be allowed at Ruidoso Middle School.  No mums should be worn during homecoming week and not valentines presents should be delivered to students during the school day.

During some travel or work days, organization/team dress may include jeans.  Jeans must follow the policy for jean day appropriateness.

Under all circumstances, (Special Dress days etc.), All shirts must be tucked in as a safety issue.

The dress code may be revised, as necessary at the discretion of the administration

 for student and staff safety and appropriateness of appearance.

RMS Winning Aspirations

6th Grade - Provide an environment where students transitioning to the middle school will thrive, succeed, and focus on excellence.
7th Grade - Students will excel in academics and develop positive relationships in preparation for a successful life.
8th Grade - Students will be prepared to successfully engage in rigorous academic courses in preparation for career and technical readiness. Students will persevere, strive for excellence, and contribute positively to the school and local community.
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